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svn commit: r474 - trunk: . www


Author linus
Full name Linus Tolke
Date 2007-06-29 11:28:02 PDT
Message Author: linus
Date: 2007-06-29 11:28:02-0700
New Revision: 474

   trunk/ (props changed)

First explanation on how the checkout is done.

Modified: trunk/www/techdoc.html
Url: http://argouml-gen.t​igris.org/source/bro​wse/argouml-gen/trun​k/www/techdoc.html?v​iew=diff&rev=474​&p1=trunk/www/te​chdoc.html&p2=tr​unk/www/techdoc.html​&r1=473&r2=4​74
--- trunk/www/techdoc.html (original)
+++ trunk/www/techdoc.html 2007-06-29 11:28:02-0700
@@ -31,6 +31,17 @@
+Investigation is in progress to see if this could be replaced by
+a command like:
+svn update http://argouml-gen.t​igris.org/svn/argoum​l-gen/builds builds
+to allow building for several branches.
+The builds directory would then contain directories with externals
+pointing to the correct combination of directories checking out
+as builds/&lt;direc​tory&gt;/argouml​/src_new...
   <li>Generate the reports you have had your eye on.

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svn commit: r474 - trunk: . www linus Linus Tolke 2007-06-29 11:28:02 PDT
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