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RE: argouml-gen

Author linus
Full name Linus Tolke
Date 2004-03-15 23:20:40 PST
Message I will try to answer the questions. ;-)

It is very good that you come back to me in this way. I will also use the
dev@argouml-gen list so that other might eventually find this information.

1. Version of ant. I like the way the ArgoUML project is set up with an ant
provided and tested by the project. That reduces the amount of problems with
different versions. I.e. it is a single developer in the project that
decides the ant versions and verifies that everything works after a change.

This makes your question strange. It is not a question of allowing a
specific version, it is a question of getting it to work with a specific
version. The argouml-gen set up need not have the same version of ant as the
argouml set up. I would however suggest that the argouml-gen project build
process calls the argouml project ant with the necessary targets.

It is not even necessary that the argouml-gen project build process is an
ant build. It could be something else.

2. You are right. This is the way the Tigris site is set up for all
projects. I havn't found anywhere in the Tigris help where this is
documentet. I have written it in the ArgoUML cookbook though section

There is no relation between the files in the argouml project and the files
in the argouml-gen project. They are two separate projects. Once we have
gotten the argouml-gen project to work i.e. contain some useful information,
we will open it up to allow anyone to look at the contents and add links
from the argouml project to the argouml-gen project.

3. You can edit the stuff in the argouml-gen project but you cannot edit the
stuff in the argouml project. This is because you are a developer in the
argouml-gen project and not in the argouml project.

This is so that you can do the work with developing the scripts and tools
used in the argouml-gen project.

Well, if you are on a windows machine you will have to do that update to get
it to work. I am not that good in ant so I couldn't figure out how to solve
it in a platform-independant way.

What actually happens is that it takes the tree of files at fromdir, copies
it to todir and commits them there. This without having the whole cvs
repository checked out but just the todir-part. The part that I couldn't
solve in ant was the adding and removal of files.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Michiel Kalkman [mailto:michielgkalk​man at hotmail dot com]
> Sent: den 15 mars 2004 23:18
> To: linus at tigris dot org; jrobbins at tigris dot orgx
> Subject: argouml-gen
> Hi guys,
> I've started looking into argouml-gen. I've some questions, maybe you can
> provide me with some answers ?
> 1. What version of ant do we allow ? It looks like ArgoUML uses
> Ant 1.4.1 I
> don't know why, however, perhaps because java 1.2 still needs to be
> supported ? At least for Argouml-gen I don't so a reason.
> 2. My guess is that the www directory contains what is available online.
> Question: is there any relation with the files in ArgoUML ? Could
> I update
> stuff there without impacting the ArgoUML website ?
> 3. About updating stuff ... Am I allowed to do that ? At least I
> guess I'll
> need to update build.xml first, so it will support windows ... Can one of
> you tell me what happens in target 'commit-files' ?
> Thanks !
> Michiel
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